"Get inspired by the work of these artists"

A page full of inspiration

On this page you will find products by various artists.

The purpose of this collection is to inspire you what is possible in the field of light art and mechanical art.

This inspiration can then serve as a starting point for a product made by us and that is tailored to your wishes.

However, if you want a product that closely resembles the original of a product from these artists, we recommend that you approach that artist first.

"Light art"

Shadow Wall lamp

by CozyLuminate

Heng Balance Lamp

by DesignNest

PS 2014

by David Wahl


by Nina Lieven


by Studio Drift


by Sonliner

"Mechanical art"


by Derek Hugger


by David C. Roy

Slow dance

by Jeff Lieberman

In Cloud Light III

by Anthony Howe

Solstice clock

by studio Animaro


by Flyte


Wooden Cityscape

by James-McNabb

Fiber art

by Erik Speer

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